Safety tips for walkers

Whether you’re traipsing a well-documented path or you’re the first reviewer on a Slow Ways route, there are always things you should keep in mind to be safe when out walking.

Review of the week: Gravesend — Rochester (Graroc one) by Daisy C

The reviewer doesn't shy away from the frustrations or the difficulties of the route (a familiar feeling for any Slow Ways reviewer) but ultimately perseveres and surprises themselves.

Urban walk with Magid Magid

Whether you’re a lifelong Londoner or a visitor looking for a taste of the city’s unique magic, a walk from Streatham to Crystal Palace is an experience not to be missed

A guide to Slow Ways jargon

If you’re new to Slow Ways you may be a little confused about some of the terms used on the website and in the community. Here is a handy guide to keep close when navigating the web of Waylists, Snails and Waychecks.

Building a home for grief in Edale

I learnt that day along the hiking trails of Edale, that grief weighs lighter when held in community, and lighter still when that community is held in nature

Behind the scenes of our new video: What is Slow Ways?

Slow Ways' new promotional video asks viewers to #GiveaHike. In the video, titled What is Slow Ways, walkers and wheelers from around the UK are seen making journeys to help verify the Slow Ways...

Walking with Harold Fry

Our experiences of Covid showed just how important community spaces are. By taking these places away, people don’t encounter one another. We put up more boundaries, we don’t understand one another and this is dangerous, it’s counter to who we are.

Hastings to Rye: a journey through photos

From wandering into a ‘blessed little sea shanty’ at Pett Level beach to people watching at sunset beside the prettiest street in England – Saira reflects on the little things that made her walk from Hastings to Rye memorable