Building a home for grief in Edale

I learnt that day along the hiking trails of Edale, that grief weighs lighter when held in community, and lighter still when that community is held in nature

Lambing on foot: walking gives me insight

I walk twelve miles a day during lambing, and always lose plenty of weight. I can tell I don’t walk as much as that the rest of the year; I get podgy over Christmas! It’s a mile and a third straight from the bottom of my farm right to the top, but the wiggly route is two miles, then two back. I do that three times a day or even four at the very height of lambing.

At King Arthur’s Court

An Arthurian Slow Way down the Usk, from Caerleon to Newport, with tree-loving author Matthew Yeomans

Golden hour on the Mersey

Join Vi, a project manager and member of Black Girls Hike as she embarks on a watery wandering in Manchester through her favourite parks.

High-vis, great tits and sausage dogs: a ‘Sex Education’ walk along the Wye

The thing about utopias is, what gets edited out? Sex Education‘s Wye Valley is transatlantic, post-racial, delightfully queer.

Rediscovering London in 360°

Lifelong Londoner and photographer Michael Shilling sets out to walk six Slow Ways chosen entirely by an ambitious Twitter poll

Walking together: life lessons from the Slow Ways community

In walking with others, I am learning more about what walking is and can be in a way I never could alone. We walk to get from one place to another, maybe to get lost, maybe both.

A freeing wheeling journey in West Yorkshire

Lucy Keyworth's rough but relaxing canalside ramble, as seen from a lever-propelled off-road wheelchair