Saira Niazi

For as long as she can remember, Saira's loved wandering around, discovering new places, talking to strangers and recording her adventures. When she was in school she would often bunk off and end up exploring markets, museums, city streets and suburbs. She leads wandering tours, writes, and is Slow Ways' Community Story Lead.



Slow Ways along motorways

A stretch of the route encompassed a wooded waterlogged trail that ran adjacent to the M25. I was unsettled, slogging through as big trucks and vans and cars whooshed by in a relentless roaring blur.

Slow Ways to friendship

A year on from when they first met through Slow Ways, strangers-turn-friends, Saira and Samin go on a hike together in Sussex

10 reasons why I love walking Slow Ways

When Community Stories Lead, Saira, walked her first route she found herself hooked by hidden paths that fed her curiosity for stories, people and places

Soundtrack to Slow Ways: the North East

Sam Fender, Sting and George McCrae: Saira shares her Slow Ways journey through the North East through song

Home to home

Steve and Sandra walked from their home in Bucks to their former homes in the West Midlands using Slow Ways, to raise money for the ultra-rare xeroderma pigmentosum

Help scientists, economists and academics learn more about how trees make you feel

Choose one of eight woodland walks with GoJauntly and feed into an ambitious cross-disciplinary research project

Dogs using Slow Ways #6: Connie

Wildlife photographer Jasmine Pasha turned her lens on dogs going about their Slow Ways journeys, to see what we human walkers might learn

Bus-hopping, buskers and the places in between: a journey from Oldbury to Birmingham

When the Slow Ways slip quietly beyond the crowd, Saira remembers to stop off and soak in the bustle and cheer of summer cities