Golden hour on the Mersey

Join Vi, a project manager and member of Black Girls Hike as she embarks on a watery wandering in Manchester through her favourite parks.

Slow Ways to friendship

A year on from when they first met through Slow Ways, strangers-turn-friends, Saira and Samin go on a hike together in Sussex

Walking together: life lessons from the Slow Ways community

In walking with others, I am learning more about what walking is and can be in a way I never could alone. We walk to get from one place to another, maybe to get lost, maybe both.

Dartmoor and you: land access rights around the UK

The right to wild camp has been lost on Dartmoor, or rather, the High Court has decreed, we never had it in the first place. Previously known as the only part of England where wild camping was allowed, on 13th January it was decreed that the 1985 Dartmoor Commons act only allowed users to pass through, not stay overnight in, Devon's largest National Park.

A freeing wheeling journey in West Yorkshire

Lucy Keyworth's rough but relaxing canalside ramble, as seen from a lever-propelled off-road wheelchair

Going home seven times

Antony Butcher has lived in Edgware, London, for years, but walking home along the seven-pointed star of Slow Ways widened his sense of belonging

Home to home

Steve and Sandra walked from their home in Bucks to their former homes in the West Midlands using Slow Ways, to raise money for the ultra-rare xeroderma pigmentosum

Slow Wades

Join photographer Finn Hopson as he swims from Southwick to Brighton in this mesmerising photo essay, past millionaires' houses, lugworm fishermen and the mysterious hot water pipe