Park Life: a tune, a festival and a short walk to keep us refreshed

Even a short walk has me feeling reborn in a way, refreshed, a skin sloughed off, and a dawn walk even more so as a new day begins.

How citizen naturalists use Slow Ways to survey wildlife

What if people walking Slow Ways routes used these pathways as wildlife transects across the country: recording wildlife as they walk and contributing invaluable data to inform the regeneration of our country’s flora and fauna?

The beauty and the treachery of the Cairngorms

Knee-deep snow fields, frozen waterfalls and the warmth of a fire at the end of it all — Jo Bennie shares an account of traversing the invitingly hostile winter Cairngorms In early March, a...

Aclgre one: Hiking alone to one of Britain’s least-used stations

Slow Ways story contributor, community artist and founder of Under Open Sky, Genevieve Rudd, embarks on a watery wandering through the Broads from Great Yarmouth

At King Arthur’s Court

An Arthurian Slow Way down the Usk, from Caerleon to Newport, with tree-loving author Matthew Yeomans

High-vis, great tits and sausage dogs: a ‘Sex Education’ walk along the Wye

The thing about utopias is, what gets edited out? Sex Education‘s Wye Valley is transatlantic, post-racial, delightfully queer.

“Baba, what does this mean?”

Muslim Hikers team leader, the North Face Ambassador, influencer and adventurer, Zahra Rose, shares her journey growing up in a lonely fisherman's town and her lifelong curiosity for all things wild...

For and against spring forward and fall back: the British Summer Time debate

Slow Ways editor Tom weighs up the reasons for and against the clocks changing and reflects on what these changes means for walkers