Golden hour on the Mersey


Join Vi, a project manager and member of Black Girls Hike as she embarks on a watery wandering in Manchester through her favourite parks

Vi spends as much time walking as she does sitting down and enjoying the plants and wildlife that surround her. Join her on her joyous Slow Ways journey to Didsbury via her favourite Manchester nature spots.


Really walk to do if you’re visiting Manchester this year, just hop on a bus from Piccadilly and follow the river! 😊 Also, Slow Ways is creating a national network of walking routes connecting all of Britain’s towns and cities. If you enjoy walking, I recommend you take a look at their routes and trails! #VisitManchester #urbanhike #accessiblewalk #granolagirl #fyp #adventure #aesthetic #comewithme #dayout #mersey #birds #nature #mentalhealth #socialprescribing #fletchermosspark

♬ Acoustic guitar live performance Gentle and nimble in nature(1007339) – Melonest

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Virginie Assal

I’m Vi, a French Black queer and disabled person living in Manchester.

During the week I’m a project manager in equality and diversity in the charity sector. But on the weekend, I put on my trainers and go hiking on adventures. Well, I call it slow hiking because I spend as much time walking as I do sitting down and enjoying the plants and wildlife around, rather than rushing to the summit. I’m also a member of Black Girls Hike UK, which provides a safe space for Black women to explore the outdoors.

You can follow my adventures on TikTok and you can follow Black Girls Hike on Instagram.