Walk a week in Wales

Long distance walker Tim Ryan has pioneered a version of the Cambrian Way on 19 consecutive Slow Ways, across spectacular landscape from Cardiff to Aberystwyth

Slow Ways art #3: Marcus Lee

Filmmaker and director of Reel Street Productions, Marcus Lee, walked a Slow Ways route from Shipley to Bradford, clocking up his step count and producing a vlog in response to his journey

Roxy’s first route: Bristol to Portishead

Roxy filmed her first Slow Ways walk, from Bristol to Portishead, as part of the National Swarm weekend

Dogs using Slow Ways #1: Cookie

We asked wildlife photographer Jasmine Pasha to turn her lens on dogs going about their Slow Ways journeys, to see what we human walkers might learn

Slow Ways art #2: Ranya Abdulateef

Wakefield textile artist Ranya Abdulateef walked a Slow Ways route. See her collaged response to the journey

What is Slow? What are Ways?

What should Slow Ways translate as in Welsh? And what about Scottish Gaelic? Or Cornish? Polish or Punjabi? Before we begin, we need to think about what Slow and Ways really mean

Slow Ways art #1: Rosie Wainwright

As part of our Slow Ways art project, multidisciplinary artist and designer Rosie Wainwright walked a Slow Ways route and produced creative work in response to her journey. "I walked a Slow Ways route from...

Walking stories told through art

Six artists illustrate their Slow Ways journeys in West Yorkshire through sewing, printing, writing, vlogging and collage