Top tips for walking while fasting

Spiritually-speaking the holy month of Ramadan can be a great time to walk, but a few tips go a long way when fasting from dawn to dusk

Three lessons Magid Magid learned on his Slow Ways journey

Activist, author, former Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid went on a Slow Ways journey in Sheffield. Here are his lessons.

Swarm stories #1

2424km / 1500 miles walked all over Great Britain in one weekend! Here are some of the stories of our first ever National Slow Ways Swarm

Mudwalking with mother: what mudlands can teach us about how to live

Mud is associated with death, disease and madness, despite being one of the most productive ecosystems on earth. Kate Monson explores the swirling, inconstant, downright stinky mudlands of her family history, and suggests that mud can teach us to live well in tangled, troubled times

Wanderers #1: Ali Pretty

Welcome to our Wanderers series, an interview series that spotlights interesting walkers from across the UK and beyond. In the first episode, we speak to Ali Pretty, Artistic Director of Kinetika and architect of the Beach of Dreams, an epic 500 miles walk over 35 days along the coast of England.

The hack day where it all began

Seventy people came together to design an idea that would – hopefully – change the way people feel about the land beneath their feet. As with the best ideas, it started with people-power. Photographer Ben Darlington was there to capture it

Canvey Island to Southend-on-Sea: a Slow Ways journey

Finding treasure in the whimsical, warm and mysterious Essex estuarylands, from Canvey Island to Southend and Leigh-on-Sea

Stop walking in circles

'Circular walks are almost always for necessity or convenience, but I love the joy of arriving' Slow Ways' founder Dan on his love of A to B