Review of the week: Ken’s oasis between Nottingham and Beeston


This week’s featured review sees Ken walking through Nottingham University and The Park between Beeston and the city centre

Editor’s note: We are often checking routes and the progress made in different areas. Whilst doing so we come across great reviews, which come in all shapes and sizes, by our volunteers — some are short and to the point, others are humorous, historical or personal. Together they provide a full picture of a route for the next walker.

We enjoyed Ken’s review because of its striking peri-urban photography, historical framing and obvious dearth of local knowledge. The language is dynamic, even a little exciting; we “duck” an underpass as if it’s been swung at us, and the walk “pops you out”! It’s not long, but it’s short, sharp and to the point; much like the walk which inspired it.

Beenot four
23 Jan 2022

The route leaves Beeston along High Road, passing a selection of independent shops. At Woodside Road enter the University of Nottingham: the campus is open to all, only cars have restrictions imposed. On the Sunday of my walk there were many non-students enjoying the extensive grounds. The route passes through Trent and past Portland, both impressive buildings, although D.H. Lawrence described Trent as an “Iced Cake”. Lord Trent, Jesse Boot, endowed the university and gave the public Highfields Park with it’s boating lake and nowadays the added Lake Side Arts Centre, where tea and food is available.

The next section needs care between more modern parts of the medical school then over the Friendship Bridge and through a huge area occupied by the Queens Medical Centre. Exit this by the east gate onto Leen Gate.

A zig zag onto Church Street and the Albert Ball Memorial Homes with the war memorial that includes his name. Duck under the railway along the quiet Sherwin Road and pass an outdoor clothing shop. The route stays on quiet roads to use the only public footpath through The Park. Wide and quiet roads in this oasis which eventually pops you out by Nottingham Castle and the hustle and bustle of the city centre returns. Good surfaces throughout, lighting even if it is gas in The Park, some steps if the lift is out of action, as it was today.

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