Roxy’s first route: Bristol to Portishead


“In March, I was tasked by Slow Ways to walk one of their routes and make a wee video of my experience. I’d just recently moved into my van, and was parked up in Bristol for a couple weeks. It was my first time in the area, and in Bristol, so what better way to explore than on foot?

I chose quite a long route, so decided to park up at the end the night before so I could relax after walking 14 miles. I packed up my camera, mic and tripod along with numerous snacks, and grabbed an early bus into Bristol. Although I started in a big city, the walk brought me across so much nature.

From the green spaces in Bristol out to the path along the Avon river – there was always some greenery or wildlife to see (even towards the end of the route, in the most industrial area, I saw a deer!).

This, of course, meant that I stopped every few minutes, camera at the ready, to capture something new that caught my eye, making the 14-mile route last all day. I arrived into Portishead just as the sun was setting, a beautiful end to a long day.”

Roxy walked Porbri two, from Bristol to Portishead. Want to follow in her footsteps? Download or print the route, and read its review here.

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Roxanna Barry

Roxanna is a mixed-race, queer, freelance photographer and videographer, with a mathematics degree, who discovered the outdoors in one wham-bam moment during her first hike in Glen Coe, and has been making work in the outdoors and on environmental themes ever since. Check out her portfolio, which includes beautiful climbing photography with the express intention of increasing representation in climbing guidebooks.