Slow Ways art #3: Marcus Lee


Filmmaker and director of Reel Street Productions, Marcus Lee, walked a Slow Ways route from Shipley to Bradford, clocking up his step count and producing a vlog in response to his journey

“Despite not being an avid walker and being more accustomed to driving, I thought it would be interesting to walk from Shipley to Bradford using one of the Slow Ways routes. Taking this journey allowed me to see and experience Bradford in a way that I wouldn’t normally from my car. Take a look at my video journey, I hope it encourages you to try the walk out and see if you have similar experiences to mine.”

Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee is a filmmaker and director of Reel Street Productions. Over the years, he has produced films for a wide range of organisations and community groups, including schools, business, charities and councils, as well as creating videos for actors, presenters and musicians. See him on socials: @marcusleetv

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