Walking stories told through art


Six artists illustrate their Slow Ways journeys in West Yorkshire, stitching, printing, writing, vlogging and collaging their stories into intriguing one-off artworks

Last month, we invited six talented creatives – Ranya Abdulateef, Shanelle Bateman, Lydia Tissier, Rosie Wainwright, Marcus Lee and Irene Lofthouse – to embark on a Slow Ways journey from Leeds, Wakefield or Bradford, and to produce a piece of work in response to their walk.

From video and poetry to textile art and collage, the creatives spent time after their walks editing, illustrating, sewing, writing and printing – inspired by the journey and the things they saw, heard and experienced along the way.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing the work and sharing information about each individual artist – the inspiration behind their work and their experience using Slow Ways.

This project was supported by The Art House Wakefield, Artworks Creative Communities and East Street Artists.

Saira Niazihttps://www.livinglondon.org/
For as long as she can remember, Saira's loved wandering around, discovering new places, talking to strangers and recording her adventures. When she was in school she would often bunk off and end up exploring markets, museums, city streets and suburbs. She leads wandering tours, writes, and is Slow Ways' Community Story Lead.

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